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    How to choose a mobile phone and a smartphone?

    Samsung Mobile Phones

    Until a few decades ago, we imagined they could not, that can be used to talk with someone who is in another city or even another country, just walking down the street. But today mobile tools that allow us to stay in touch - it is an integral part of our lives. They all need - and elementary school students to their parents could always check and elderly relatives to have been aware of their health, and, of course, active young people wishing to reside in the information field.

    Function in phones and smartphones slightly different, and therefore need to be chosen, taking into account who will be using the gadget. And what are the options for the host machine is really important. In this case, you can save and perfectly, and buy a decent mobile, which will be just what you need. By what criteria need to select mobile phones and smartphones? Let's try to figure it out.

    Phone or Smartphone?

    Of course, this is the first and main issue. You use an old cell phone for a long time, but begin to realize that he is a little out of order. Think what it replaced - the same nimble compact multifunction telephone or smartphone? Answer this question only you can answer, based, as we have said, of his destiny.

    Nokia mobile phones

    If you buy a mobile elderly person, then without a doubt, you should pay attention only to regular phones. Preferably - with a loud signal and large numbers on the keyboard. Even if you wealthy person, and want to please elderly mom or grandmother stylish touch novelty, this is not worth. Additional features they hardly needed, but with the management they can not cope - in the end expensive "toy" will simply lie on their nightstand unnecessary dead weight.

    The same is true or schoolchildren. Cheap device with a few simple functions will be enough. Choosing a device for yourself, just ask yourself the question - how will I use it. If only for calls and sms, you may also be fairly simple budget model number. If you want to have on hand compact "computer", then, of course, it is worth to buy a smartphone.

    One caveat - even if you are accustomed to using the device solely as a "dialer", sometimes the phone may not be enough. For example, on vacation abroad, where to call children or elderly parent with a regular phone to be problematic, it is best to use Skype-communication. And if you do not plan to bring a laptop or tablet, you will definitely need at least a simple smartphone.

    Operating system.

    So you chose the smartphone. The first thing is to decide buying the unit - with the operating system. After all, it can help you to install all the necessary applications. The most popular operating system for smartphones - is iOS, Android or Windows Phone 8. "Why think what" OSes "choose - you say - you need to opt for one that supports more programs!" There is some common sense. But you need to pay attention to other aspects of these operating systems.

    Sony Mobile Phones

    Most modern branded vehicles, most of which can be seen today on the shelves, run on Android. The only exceptions are Apple and Microsoft / Nokia. Moreover, models are completely different - and very low cost smartphones and high-end models. Choice of applications here are pretty great. Therefore, any Android smartphone is the perfect means of communication and a window to the virtual world.

    Fans of high-quality functional Nokia phones since the first "antediluvian" models are likely to please and modern smartphones that run on the operating system Windows Phone. Unfortunately, the OS does not yet support such a number of applications such as Android. But at this OSes have a number of advantages - a perfect integration with the services of Microsoft, stunning interface, smooth animation. Incidentally, it was released on this system phone with a camera in 41 megapixel. Quality smartphones on Windows Phone 8, perfect for business people, for whom the main advantage of mobile device - fast and high quality Internet access.

    And, of course, "Mercedes" of smartphone operating systems is a good old iOS, runs on the iPhone, and the quality of which is not worth telling - it is still out of competition. And the main advantage - an outdated version can always upgrade. Not to mention the huge amount of accessories for each model. Without a doubt, iOS and iPhone - is the choice of a practical man who prefers the best. Keeps many from buying unless the price is quite high. But if you really want to buy a better model, you'll have to fork out.

    Diagonal screen resolution.

    HTC Mobile Phones

    You can give a lot of advice, a smartphone with a diagonal which is better to buy. But we will not do this. Since, as a taste and color, and the size of the mobile device is no fellow. Our advice: go to the store and just hold your favorite model in hand. One that would be perfect "lie" in the palm of your hand - and have a smartphone of your dreams. If you want to use the device is no longer as a phone, but solely as a mobile computer, it is possible that in this case it is reasonable to choose a model with a larger screen.

    By the way, remember one important thing - a large diagonal does not guarantee a better picture clarity. Screen resolution, as well as the diagonal also need to choose "for themselves." And you can always adjust the brightness to a comfortable eye condition.

    A few aspects that are worth paying attention to when buying. Processor number of cores, amount of RAM and the number of megapixels the camera. They can be briefly say - the more, the better.

    And most importantly - as regards branded phone and smartphone. Again - do not advise going. Not grateful this case. Just find a few favorite models and compare their technical parameters. And how to "fly" and will serve as your smartphone or mobile phone, it depends, as experience shows, not the model, and not even from the company, and how you'll handle it.

    Good luck in finding the smartphone dreams!



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